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Business Creed, a publication owned by Wizz Digital Marketing, a marketing consultancy that partners with Tech Startups and Consultancies, is targeted at purpose & Mission-driven entrepreneurs in the startup and growth stage who are looking to build a successful business that can be exited at a high multiple. We provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and be able to make decisions that will transform your business and life. The Publication specializes in providing insights that are needed by CEOs, business owners, and start-ups. People who know how to make informed decisions and stay ahead of their competition.

A collection of insights that help business minds grow, inspiring you to create a lifestyle where you can do what you love.

Business Creed is a collection of insights that help business minds grow, inspiring you
Business Creed is a collection of insights that help business minds grow, inspiring you




Empower purpose & mission-driven entrepreneurs and professionals on their journey to build a successful business. Through our publication, we strive to furnish our readers with the knowledge and wisdom needed to make informed and impactful decisions, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and transform not only their businesses but also their lives. As a destination for CEOs, business owners, and startups alike, we aim to be a catalyst for growth, nurturing the minds of our readers and inspiring them to craft a lifestyle where passion and prosperity coexist.

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Business Creed is an initiative with the aim to share more insights and actionable content to help the business community.

Being launched off of the back of our LinkedIn Newsletter, Business Marketing Creed, the goal with this specific publication, both on the website and apps, is to expand on the different aspects of business building that stretch beyond marketing and bring on interviews and contributions from experts across leadership, entrepreneurship, political & economic insights, lifestyle, and technology to give entrepreneurs holistic and reliable tools to build their businesses

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Tanya Kabuya

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