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Explore extraordinary networking opportunities by joining our exclusive social business club, The Growth Playbook Insiders Community, in Lagos Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with valuable connections and strategic insights


Tanya Kabuya

5/1/20249 min read

Entrepreneurship in Lagos is an exhilarating journey, brimming with untapped potential and dynamic energy. 

Yet amidst the bustling streets of Nigeria's vibrant metropolis, entrepreneurs often find themselves grappling with the challenges of navigating the business landscape alone. This isolation can stifle growth and dampen spirits. 

However, there's a ray of hope shining on the horizon - our exclusive social business club in Lagos, Nigeria in collaboration with Innovative Village, the convener of the Africa SME Assembly poised to bridge the gap, connect entrepreneurs, foster collaboration, and unlock new avenues of success.

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The Loneliness of Entrepreneurship: Craving a Support System As You Build Your Empire

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride of triumphs and tribulations. Amidst the euphoria of chasing dreams and realizing ambitions, moments of solitude can cast a shadow on the entrepreneurial spirit.

The absence of a supportive network exacerbates these feelings of isolation, leaving entrepreneurs to chart uncharted waters solo.

Being in the trenches from sun up to sundown, figuring it out by googling and searching for videos on YouTube.

Wanting to bring on help, but not even knowing how to hire the right people.

However, belonging to a community of like-minded individuals can assuage this loneliness, offering encouragement, guidance, and camaraderie along the way.

Plus it is a safe platform to easily share outside of social media the ins & outs of running, building, or scaling a business without judgment.

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Unique Challenges in Entrepreneurship in Lagos

Lagos, with its frenetic streets and bustling markets, presents a unique world of challenges for entrepreneurs.

From navigating traffic snarls to securing reliable electricity, entrepreneurs must navigate a labyrinth of logistical hurdles daily.

Moreover, cultural nuances and bureaucratic red tape add layers of complexity to the entrepreneurial odyssey.

Mastering the intricacies of conducting business in Lagos demands resilience, adaptability, and a profound understanding of the local milieu.

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Networking Opportunities: Empowering Entrepreneurs

Imagine a young entrepreneur like Adeola, harboring dreams of opening a boutique in Lagos Island. Despite her zeal and resolve, Adeola encounters a myriad of obstacles, from sourcing reliable suppliers to threading through the city's congested thoroughfares.

Or think of Tolu, an enterprising entrepreneur who excels in selling high-quality wigs through TikTok. Eager to broaden her horizons, Tolu envisions leveraging e-commerce platforms to showcase her products and engage potential customers.

Then there's Dami, a tech maven on a mission to empower micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) with his groundbreaking SaaS product. Dami's platform is replete with tools and features tailored to streamline business operations, enhance productivity, and propel MSMEs to new heights.

These are the people who embody the entrepreneurial spirit of Lagos, each facing unique challenges and striving to make their mark in the business world. Yet, despite their determination and innovative ideas, they often find themselves navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship alone. That's where our exclusive social business club, The Growth Playbook Insiders Community, steps in.

We provide a supportive environment where entrepreneurs like Adeola, Tolu, and Dami can connect with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights, and access resources to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Whether it's networking events, educational workshops, or mentorship opportunities, our social club offers a platform for growth and collaboration, empowering entrepreneurs to thrive in Lagos's dynamic business landscape.

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How the Business Club Can Propel Success

Our business club extends a lifeline to entrepreneurs like Tolu and Dami, offering a plethora of opportunities to fortify their entrepreneurial quests.

"The Growth Playbook Insiders Community" is an exclusive network of entrepreneurs and business professionals dedicated to sharing strategies, insights, and resources for business growth and success.

Members gain access to valuable resources, expert guidance, and networking opportunities aimed at accelerating their entrepreneurial journey and achieving their growth goals. The community fosters collaboration, learning, and support, providing a platform for members to connect, learn from each other, and thrive together.

The goal is to help everyone grow faster, build great management teams, and reduce stress by learning how top peers are doing it. Our model enables members to connect and learn from members in an engaging and low-time-commitment way.

Join a carefully curated online or in-person entrepreneur session once a month, to share learnings, resolve challenges, build friendships, and accelerate your growth alongside a group of 8 fellow entrepreneurs

Bimonthly small group mentoring masterclasses from sought-after CEOs, consultants, and advisors.

But, it doesn’t end there. What if you could be part of a community where you could meet 15 prospects or people of interest for your business in 1 hour? How would that impact your business?

The Growth Playbook Insiders Community will provide you with this as an opportunity

If you felt like you were trapped in an endless loop of posting, endless coffee chats on Zoom, and waiting for clients to magically appear, then, let's face it, waving wands doesn't summon clients, and manifesting them seems to have missed the memo.

The thorn in your side? Lead flow.

Without a steady stream of leads, saying hello to appointments is like waving goodbye to new clients.

And if appointments go AWOL, well, so does your chance of signing those juicy deals. Simple math.

So, if you head a consulting firm, a service business, or a functioning Tech Startup, and you've hit that lead flow ceiling—don't despair!

There's a smarter path. A path that ditches the endless content carousel across social platforms, the "Coffee Chats" in hopes of cracking the referral code, the procrastination parade of rebranding till kingdom come, the pressure of becoming a marketing wizard overnight

Let’s admit it, the "hustle" gets tiring real quick.

But there’s a secret elixir: Simplicity.

If you want more clients, Imagine I emailed you and said, “I’m positive I have some people in my network who would love to work with you. Let’s schedule an hour, so I can ask you a few questions to learn about your current offer and who you want to work with. I’ll look through my database in real time to see who I can introduce you to.

Then I’ll make some introductory videos and connect you with five to 15 people who will want to work with you and schedule an appointment right away.” Sounds good, right? Maybe even too good.

Now imagine 5 of us did that for you in 1 HR?

That’s exactly what happens with Referral Parties at The Growth Playbook Insiders Community

During a bi-monthly referral party, we come together to actively promote and generate referrals for each other's businesses within our networks.

Each participant in a cohort scheduled meeting will introduce their business so other members can understand their offerings and target audience, then actively promote your services to potential clients within their network in real-time, writing introduction messages and emails in real-time during that hour.

By coordinating efforts, we aim to generate a significant number of referrals for you within a short period.

This approach taps into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and the extended reach of personal networks to attract new clients efficiently.

You can now launch your products & services with a supportive community.

So, for Tolu, the club is a gateway to invaluable networking prospects, allowing her to connect with seasoned entrepreneurs and glean insights on establishing her e-commerce empire.

Additionally, Tolu can partake in educational workshops and seminars to hone her skills and amplify her online presence. Mentorship opportunities abound, providing Tolu with personalized guidance and support from industry veterans.

Moreover, Tolu can explore collaborative ventures within the club's network to augment her reach and scale her business.

As for Dami, the business club serves as a springboard for targeted networking with prospective clients for his SaaS solution.

Engaging with club members facilitates market research, validates his product concept, and amplifies brand visibility. The club orchestrates referral and partnership opportunities, enabling Dami to leverage existing alliances and expedite the growth trajectory of his SaaS business

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What Are The Criteria To Join This Business Club- The Growth Playbook Insiders Community

Here are the criteria for entrepreneurs who should apply to join the business club:

1. Passionate and Driven: Entrepreneurs who exhibit passion, determination, and a relentless drive to succeed in their ventures are encouraged to apply. A burning desire to make a positive impact and contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem is essential.

2. Open to Collaboration: Members should possess a collaborative mindset and be willing to engage with fellow entrepreneurs, share insights, and explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration. A spirit of cooperation and mutual support is paramount within the club community.

3. Committed to Growth: Entrepreneurs who are committed to continuous learning, personal development, and business growth are ideal candidates for membership. A willingness to invest time, effort, and resources into honing their skills and expanding their ventures is key.

4. Respectful and Professional: Respect for fellow members, professionalism in interactions, and adherence to ethical business practices are non-negotiable. Members should uphold the values of integrity, honesty, and respect in all club-related activities and engagements.

5. Innovative and Forward-Thinking: Entrepreneurs who demonstrate innovation, creativity, and a forward-thinking mindset are well-suited for membership. The ability to envision and pursue new opportunities, adapt to changing market dynamics, and embrace emerging trends is highly valued.

6. Diverse Backgrounds and Industries: The club welcomes entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, industries, and stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a budding startup founder, your unique perspective and experiences enrich the club community.

7. Contributors to the Community: Members should actively contribute to the club community by participating in events, sharing knowledge and insights, offering support and mentorship to fellow members, and actively engaging in discussions and initiatives aimed at fostering growth and collaboration.

8. Aligned with Club Values: Entrepreneurs who align with the values and ethos of the business club, including a commitment to collaboration, innovation, integrity, and community building, are encouraged to apply. A shared vision for collective growth and success is essential for creating a vibrant and thriving club environment.

If you fit these criteria and feel you are a good fit for the business club and can contribute positively to the community while also benefiting from the networking opportunities, resources, and support available within the club, then apply here to join the community.


In Lagos, entrepreneurship is more than a mere vocation - it's a way of life. Our social business club calls entrepreneurs to a world where connections flourish, collaborations thrive, and success knows no bounds. 

Whether you're a seasoned trailblazer or a budding visionary, we invite you to join us and become part of a community that champions collaboration, innovation, and collective growth.

Express your interest here. Admission is by application to ensure we maintain a community aligned with our values. You will receive a response within 3 working days to notify you if your application has been successful


1. Who can join The Growth Playbook Insiders Community in Lagos?

Our business club warmly welcomes entrepreneurs from all walks of life and industries, united by a shared passion for growth and success.

2. Are there membership fees for joining the business club?

Yes, membership fees are applicable to cover the costs of organizing events, maintaining infrastructure, and delivering value-added services. Options include USD$42 per month, USD$115 per quarter, or USD$420 annually.

3. How can I stay updated on upcoming events hosted by The Growth Playbook Insiders Community in Lagos?

Members receive regular updates via email, social media channels, and our dedicated online platform, ensuring they never miss out on networking opportunities, workshops, or other events.

4. What sets your business club The Growth Playbook Insiders Community in Lagos apart?

Our business club distinguishes itself with its vibrant community, diverse networking opportunities, and unwavering commitment to supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

5. Can I bring guests to club events in Lagos?

Depending on the event, members may have the opportunity to bring guests, although priority is given to club members to ensure ample opportunities for engagement and networking.

6. Is there a revenue requirement to be a member?

No, there is no specific revenue requirement to be a member of this business club. We welcome entrepreneurs from all stages of their entrepreneurial journey, regardless of their current revenue level. Whether you're just starting out or already generating significant revenue, our focus is on creating a supportive and inclusive community where entrepreneurs can connect, collaborate, and grow together. Our membership criteria are based more on factors such as passion, commitment to growth, willingness to collaborate, and alignment with the values of the club rather than specific financial metrics.

Apply to become a member

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